• The LMM group (Law-Marot-Milpro) was founded at the turn of the century. LMM originated first with the acquisition of “Machinerie Omega” in 1992. But its origins began long before the 90’s. We have to turn back to 1913 when Ovide Brouillard, a man who made a variety of different pumps, founded a company he called “The Self Acting Pump Company Ltd.”
  • In 1920, the “Machinerie Omega” society was formed but it was only in 1950 that the company focused its activities on making equipment for the handling and transformation of products primarily destined for feed mills. From this period on, the company became well-known for its essential support in developing the Québec livestock industry.
  • The LMM group is the result of a merger in 1992 between the Canadian subsidiary of the French group” Agro-Alliance” and the Québec based “Machinerie Omega”. The commercial products of Agro-Alliance were designed for the grain sector whereas the expertise of“Machinerie Omega” was primarily destined for mills and animal feed mills.
  • LMM Group is renowned for the excellence of its production of quality equipment designed for the handling and transformation of granular bulk products for companies involved in manufacturing and agribusiness. The head office and transformation factory are located in St.Hyacinthe, Québec.
  • LMM Group has been constantly growing. This St.Hyacinthe company has a world-wide network of agents and dealers which means that the company is ideally positioned to reach out to the main grain growing areas of the world.  Nearly 30% of our business is aimed at exportation.
  • The modern business facility includes a sheet metal/framework/ and soldering manufacturing plant and is equipped with powerful, state-of-the-art machinery. The factory has the latest tools for lifting in the building of heavy and bulky pieces of equipment.
  • With its important industrial and agribusiness experience, it can precisely identify the needs of its clients and suggest appropriate and efficient solutions. LMM integrates the most recent technologies available in the marketplace.