LMM offers a wide variety of services in order to meet the needs of its clientele. The way in which our different manufacturing plants are operated means LMM can propose a reaction mode adapted to individual requirements. Today, being of service to our clients means that through a variety of methods we respond to the particular constraints and objectives of each of our clients.

Establishing objectives Selection Troubleshooting telephone service
Flow Charts Adapting to specific technical restrictions and reducing power consumption Visits to the work site Repair –troubleshooting
Preliminary plans –networking Modifying floor space requirements Spare parts/ wear and tear replacement parts
Budget funding Warning apparatus and automatization Inspection and preventive maintenance
Plans and construction specifications Protection for wear and tear Directions for use for maximizing performance
Management, coordination and site supervision Conforming to environmental standards for noise and dust emissions Networking and contacts between clients
Installation -
Explosion proof standards Rapid estimates in case of loss or major damage
Start-up Endorsement of national and regional standards Fast-track build
Operator training Weather Protection Coordinated intervention to reduce production stoppage